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On the 19th March 2009 I bought a Sansui 42" LCD and they delivered it the same day in the afternoon. When trying to connect it the following it was not in the working condition.

I returned it on the 22nd March 2009 and they promise to investigate. After their investigation they said I am the one who damaged the LCD. I tried to reason with them but in vain. On the recent visit they told me that they have destroyed it because I have not claimed it within two months.

I have lost R11 999.99 and LCD. They also said they can defend their action in court of law. The name of the shop is Hi-Fi Corp.

Springfield branch in Durban. The person I dealt with is Vincent the branch manager.

Monetary Loss: $11.

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Gaborone, South-East, Botswana #677691

I bought a Samsung vacuum cleaner in Gaborone last August. It broke down after about 7 months.

Hi Fi "fixed" it (which took 5 weeks and they never bothered to inform me it was "fixed"). I took it home, and it worked only 2 more times, but this time the problem was slightly different. I brought it back, they said their policy mandated that it gets "fixed" again before they can give me a new one. They promised to follow up on status (they didn't) and when I called, they said the report indicated that since it had broken down so quickly after they replaced the motor, it was MY fault!

Can someone please explain the logic of that to me? They said they found pet fur in it, and perhaps I overused the machine. Well, I have dogs, but that is actually what we use vacuums for...dirt, dander, and some fur. I have a small house, with 3 small carpeted rooms that get vacuumed MAXIMUM twice/week.

So a nice Samsung machine with a new motor cannot handle 2 days of vacuuming? This is absolutely appalling, I've tried the Branch manager, but at this point, my lawyer has advised just to file a suit.

If there is anyone else out there who wants to join me, let's make it a class action, shall we? Because I know I'm not the only one dealing with this appalling service.


Please will you forward your details onto me at so I may assist you with your complaint.


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